Complete solutions and system interfaces

consultancies and development of interdepartmental solutions that go beyond single software solutions

How we support your IT- projects. Individual solutions for individual needs

Each of our IT- projects is an individual project, due to individual customer’s needs, available resources and characteristics.

Standardized software solutions often do not fully meet the companies’ individual requests. Additionally, internal and external realities and occurrences can change over time, which again implies necessary changes in business processes in order to maintain or increase the business competitiveness.
For this reason we develop personalized IT-solutions to meet individual business needs and provide additional, related services to propose a complete service offer.

IT- and business consultancy services

IT- and Business ConsultingBased on the analysis of the starting situation and on the definition of the software requirements we support our customers in the concept creation and specification preparation.
Furthermore, we offer consultancies with respect to alternatives, flexibility, focus towards the future business development, cost effectiveness and data quality within IT-solutions. We always consider the investments the customer has already made, such as already used software solutions.
The aim is to identify collectively the most optimal and technically most cost effective solution in order to simplify everyday tasks and support the business activities thanks to the software solution.

Software development and interfaces

Software Development and CustomizationIn order to offer solutions which correspond to the individual business needs we provide software customization services, function enhancement services, as well as software interfaces. We support our customers also by developing individual, independent software solutions.

Process-based activities

Process based activitiesThe optimal software solution corresponds to the business needs and has the goal to simplify and accelerate business activities. This can be achieved, among other things, also by individually designed processes and workflows as needed.


TrainingsWe also provide trainings to help our customers to increase significantly the user acceptance. The aim is to show the users how to use the system in order to easily fulfill their tasks. Training sessions are organized based on the knowledge level of participants.

Business Fields

Extended Relationship Management

Icon_Business Unit_Extended Relationship Mgmt

Services and products principally based on MS Dynamics CRM/
MS Dynamics 365 Business Apps

  • Mobile CRM
  • Ticketing Systems and other platforms
  • Automated document creation
  • Workflow

ERP capabilities (Dynamics 365 for Operations; Dynamics 365 for Financials)

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Business Collaboration

Icon_Business Unit_Business_Collaboration

Services and products based on MS SharePoint or independent software

  • ECM
  • Document Management
  • Contract Management
  • Invoice processing
  • Automated document creation
  • Workflow

ERP integration (Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, SAP);
MS Dynamics CRM/ MS Dynamics 365

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Middleware and Data Exchange

Icon_Business Unit_Middleware_NEU

Basically for any software to any software, even connecting self-developed solution

  • Already existing middleware
  • Development based on specific request
  • Connecting any system with any system


MS BizTalk Server;

Other System Interfaces


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Software Development

Icon_Business Unit_Software Development

Software customization, Add-ons and individual software solutions with .NET, C# and XAMARIN

  • Process implementation, optimization, automation
  • System Interfaces
  • Development of specific software and Add-ons, functionalities enhancement
  • Data exchange – through departments and between systems


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