Consultancies and software development services

for tailored Business Software Solutions

IT-projects are made of ideas, people and technology. We bring them together to offer optimal and practically oriented IT-solutions

Innovative ideas, solid technologies, the collaboration of competent persons and a cost-effective implementation, that is what makes a project a successful one.


Our consultancies and development services are focused upon the needs of our customers in order to offer the most appropriate IT-solution. We approach every project with a holistic view of the individual customer’s business processes, its goals, the applied technologies and other resources, as well as the business structure. emd group not only implements the data communication between different systems, we also undertake software customizations according to the customer’s requests and needs.


Pfeil im Kreis_AuflistungSolutions which facilitate everyday work

Our goal is to empower the system users and decision makers: our solutions aim to allow an optimized management of digital data, information and documents. This implies an easy, quick and structured access to them and allows real data understanding and analysis. This again means:

  • Minimizing your costs which are connected with the completion of everyday work
  • Maximizing your benefit out of a customized solution, since it is concretely tailored to your needs

Pfeil im Kreis_AuflistungFuture-oriented and flexible solutions for a long lasting benefit

Based on recognized standards and methods, and on Microsoft technologies, our proposals aim to offer the most appropriate solution according to the clients’ needs. Practical aspects and cost efficiency play a central role.

This allows us to offer technically advanced, flexible solutions with a long term benefit and a high user acceptance.

Our Mission

We offer individual, pragmatic and connected IT-solutions, in order to solve company wide, cross-departmental needs and in order to improve collaboration by process-supported systems.

Our solutions allow to provide and connect data, information and documents in such a way, that you take a real benefit out of them. This means you can take advantage of: fast retrieval, easy provision, and a comprehensive display of data, as well as the simplification of everyday work.

Our Commitment to you

  • Our solutions are based on solid software solutions, to guarantee a long-term benefit
  • Establishing long-term relationships is important to us, thus we offer quality work at a fair price
  • We aim to offer long-term benefits through our solutions, thus for us customized, individual solutions play a crucial role. This is how we aim to accompany our customers to their success.