Business Efficiency thanks to digitalization

Empowered employees: IT-consultations and system customizations based on your individual business processes and needs

Tailored IT-solutions

for your business processes

Our company offers consultancies and services for the digital management of data, information, documents and processes. To offer the most optimal software solution we unify the customer’s individual business processes, their goals, and the technologies and software already in use.


We accompany our customers by offering IT-consulting and implementation-services for each project phase, starting from their initial idea and proceeding in the realization of their IT-project. Throughout the whole project, we always take into consideration the practical aspects while implementing solutions with a high cost-benefit ratio.


With more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of IT-projects as a competent and reliable partner we offer a whole range of services:

  • analysis and definition of software requirements as well as concept development
  • consultancies with respect to alternatives, flexibility and cost effectiveness
  • preparation of specifications
  • extension of software functionalities and software development
  • customization of systems and development of individual solutions
  • system integrations, interfaces and data exchange

Business Efficiency

Business Efficiency for employees and their company

Our aim is to offer solutions which simplify the users’ everyday work and which diminish the workload by automating to the highest extent possible some working processes. Information, data and documents will thus easily and quickly be transmitted to the right person and will be quickly found. In this way decision makers can promptly take decisions, reaction time in general is reduced, and working activities are completed in less time. This strong reduction in processing time, while increasing productivity and making work and company-wide communication much easier, enables an overall competitive advantage.

Advantages at a glance


  • easier and quicker completion of everyday tasks
  • full use and understanding of data and information available
  • simplification of and automated information communication and rendering
  • optimized and automated business processes and data exchange

Business Units

Extended Relationship Management

Icon_Business Unit_Extended Relationship Mgmt

Solutions for the customer relationship management which offer a 360° customer view and help to easily transform leads into customers and to increase the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty


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Business Collaboration

Icon_Business Unit_Business_Collaboration

Optimize your company wide and external communication and improve collaboration by delivering all relevant information to the right person at the right time, making process related documents easily accessible


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Middleware and Data Exchange

Icon_Business Unit_Middleware_NEU

Data exchange between different systems becomes more and more important when it comes to data interpretation and data understanding. Middleware solutions allow necessary data exchange and data orchestration


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Software Development

Icon_Business Unit_Software Development

According to our customers' requests we develop individual software solutions as well as Add-Ons in order to fully satisfy their needs and to support their individual business processes

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